A Fresh Look at SIPs

Originally posted online at LBM Journal

LBM Journal 2016Facing a shortage of skilled labor with no end in sight, and increasingly stringent building codes that require higher R-values than ever before, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are getting a fresh look from builders, homeowners, and LBM dealers.

SIPs are not new.  Indeed, the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison , Wisconsin is said to have introduced the concept back in 1935.  In a nutshell, SIPs are high-performance wall panels made by sandwiching a core of rigid insulation between two structural panels – typically OSB.  The panels are delivered to the jobsite in large sections, up to 8′ by 24′.  Their size, combined with the fact that SIPs offer continuous insulation across the height, width and depth of each panel, results in fewer gaps and can result in more energy efficient homes.

Continue reading in LBM Journal to see the results of a study on what the main reason a company sells SIPs are and the reason that they may not sell SIPs… SIPs benefits and selling challenges.

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