Bertschi School Science Wing uses Premier SIP panels…40 days away from completion!!

By Premier SIPS on December 22, 2010 in Our Projects
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Premier SIPs Install, Bertschi School Science Wing, Seattle WA (credit Restorative Design Collective)

This amazing education building project was designed PRO-BONO by the Restorative Design Collective and is just 40 days from completion!!!   This project is on target to be the first living building in Washington State.  What does ‘living’ status mean?  A building must meet and prove all requirements of the challenge through a full year of occupancy and operation.  A living building must generate all its own energy, and capture and treat all its own water among other requirements.

Premier SIPs helped to meet this ‘living’ target….by providing airtight insulation through an extremely tight roof, little onsite construction waste and enhanced energy efficiency.  We are so proud to be part of the Science Wing of this green education facility!!

Project Updates:

Youtube video of Premier SIPs installation- see for yourself how easy Premier SIPs are to complete your building project:

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