Can SIPS Be Used In Most Climates?

By Premier SIPS on April 11, 2013 in SIPs Technical Center
Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

Joe Pasma, PE, Premier SIPS Technical Manager

When asking if structural insulated panels (SIPs) work in wet, rainy, humid and/or cold climates, the underlying question is, “can I build with wood in this type of climate?”  Almost always, the answer is “yes”.

As detailed in this week’s Facility Management feature of ASK THE EXPERT, Premier SIPS Technical Manger Joe Pasma sites numerous commercial and institutional buildings that demonstrate the effectiveness of SIP construction throughout several climate types.  Joe also discusses the perception of the oriented strand board (OSB) , primary reasons that drive the use of SIPs, 2013 construction labor challenges, and protecting SIPs from water.

Read more on Joe’s expert technical answers  here.

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