Park City, Utah Makes National Headlines…Premier SIPs Ecstatic To Be Part Of It!!

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GreenBuilder Magazine’s House of the Year!

GreenBuilder Magazine stated “This year’s most outstanding green home is not only dazzling to behold, but it’s also heated and powered almost entirely by the sun”. This ultra modern and energy-efficient project, The Sungazing House, puts green dreams into practice, incorporating passive solar design and receiving pretty much every green building certification system on the market. The need for energy is almost zero, designed with site orientation, quad-pane Serious Windows,Premier Insulated 12″ walls and 16″ ceiling, airtight construction, an HRV, Energy Star Platinum LEED, green building, sustainability, net zero energyappliances, all LED lighting and a reflective roof. This house is truly a masterpiece….and we are very grateful and excited to be part of this project with Tall Pines Construction that has won such accolades in the industry!

To read more on how entirely awesome this house is and the energy efficient design on this net zero home,visit GreenBuilder Magazines December design article, pg 14!

Jetson Green’s #5 Stunning Platinum Project of 2010!

advanced building techniques, Platinum LEED, green building, sustainability, building envelopeJetson Green’s 19 Stunning Platinum Projects of 2010….and the Sungazing House makes the #5th spot!Read Jetson Green’s full article showcasing their picks for Stunning Platinum Projects of 2010.

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