Prefab Housing Isn’t A Subculture Anymore, It’s A Necessity via

By Premier SIPS on August 16, 2016 in SIPS, SIPs in the News, Structural Insulated Panels, Tiny Houses

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Housing trends come and go, but Prefabulous Small Houses, the latest book from prefab evangelist Sheri Koones, isn’t about a flavor of the month. She argues that this is the most efficient, sustainable, and happiest way to build our homes.

This is the eighth tome on residential design Koones has penned and the fifth in her Prefabulous series. When she began delving into the world of housing design in the early 2000s, prefabs had a low-brow reputation.

Continue reading for an in depth look into Koones’ book and take a peak at the 32 homes featured, where the Standpoint house in Idaho is constructed of Premier SIPS by our partners at FabCab.


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