Problems & Solutions: Roof Structure Improvement on Washington Church

By Premier SIPS on April 19, 2011 in Our Projects

St. Paul Episcopal Church, Roof Upgrade

St. Paul Episcopal’s Church in Kennewick WA, built in 1958,  had an existing roof that was built using a rough timber construction in an unorthodox accordion style which caused issues with the roof’s shear strength and that lack of shear allowed for a lot of movement resulting in roof leaks.  They had a problem and needed a solution!

PROBLEM: Roof had structural integrity, insulation and leaking issues

SOLUTION:  Remove the existing roofing, add Premier SIPs and metal roof.  5,328 sq ft of 8″ roof panels were used

OUTCOME: Significantly increased the structural characteristics while adding substantial insulation value to the building; not to mention a stable roof is easier to keep from leaking.

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St. Paul Episcopal Church, Roof Upgrade

St. Paul Episcopal Church, Roof Upgrade


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