Project Inspiration: San Fran Urban Infill Residence

By Premier SIPS on September 28, 2012 in Our Projects, Residential, Uncategorized

Photo Courtesy of SHELL Building Systems

Located on a downhill, one-way street in the Mission District of San Francisco,this four-story modern-style row home is wedged into an infill lot with architecture abutting the sidewalk and its neighbor to the west. Premier Structural insulated panels (SIPs) made it easier to apply exterior finish materials before standing the wall panels on the blind side versus conventional methods that would have been more difficult, and framed sections heavier to lift and set. The narrow site and street prohibited a staging area for materials, yet SIPs allowed for immediate construction as panels were offloaded and remaining panels were easily stacked in order of construction on the building footprint versus huge quantities of lumber requiring cuts. A street encroachment permit was needed for only less than half a day.  Building with SIPs significantly increased the speed of construction to two weeks versus months.  Contrary to conventional building methods, using prefabricated SIPs reduced noise and decreased the duration of construction activity.

Photo Courtesy of SHELL Building Systems

“Structural Insulated Panels provide the optimum solution for city revitalization projects, requiring no staging area.  Approved for Type V construction and Seismic Zones A – F.”

Thanks to SHELL Building Systems, located in both Northern and Southern California, for providing both project details and photos for the CLinton Park project.  Want to see what other projects have used SIPs, visit our extensive online photo gallery for inspiration.

Courtesy of SHELL Building Systems



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